Community, why Volunteer In A Tech Community

A community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonalities such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity.

What is a Community?

A community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonalities such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity. it gives you the avenue and room to make significant progress as an individual or as a team. A tech community specifically focuses on information technology(common value). A volunteer is an individual that offers his services or goods freely for a cause. To me, a community has several advantages that interest me to talk about. These are some of the reasons I stay so engaged as a volunteer in community work.

Community Learning

A Tech community is a rich and fresh avenue for learning. The Tech world is one of the science fields where new innovations arise every day and as an individual, you need to constantly be in a learning environment. One of the best places you can get all these together is within a community. There’s always something new to learn and a community provides this through workshops, hackathons, or events.

Team Work

In several communities, there are always activities to do together with other members. This encourages teamwork and team spirit within you. Working as a team is so important for you because working in an enterprise or company or any tech-related solution always requires a team. So now if you want to become an active team player, volunteer in a tech community.

Tech Opportunities

Several people think voluntary service in a community is a wastage of time, energy, and resource. This is the typical mentality of an African. They always have in their minds “What do I get in return?”.

Very honest and sincere question. The thing is, just the experience you get working with others in a community is enough for you to volunteer. Aside from personal development, several communities offer their members opportunities to win goodies, scholarships, remunerations, and more. This is more than enough reason for you to join a community.

Giving Back to the community

Personally, as an individual, I like to set a good example. I believe Africa would have been somewhere better if several leaders thought about the next generation. The leaders of tomorrow are out there looking for the right example to follow and I believe you can do the same. Volunteer in a community that makes engages in activities to make the world a better place.

Showcase your skills

Every now and then, a community will need an individual to represent her or play a vital role. Such avenues are usually filled with entrepreneurs searching for people with the right skills, People waiting to be thrilled or motivated. This can be a life-changing opportunity for you.

Some Tech Communities to Join In Cameroon

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