Why Participate in ROCAM Schools 2022

ROCAM Schools is a Seven Dev Community Project aimed at encouraging and empowering young Cameroonians to engage in tech-related fields.

ROCAM Schools (Reach out Cameroon Schools) is a Seven Dev Community Project aimed at encouraging and empowering young Cameroonians to engage in tech-related fields. This program is a back-to-school Campaign of the Seven Dev Community. We use this program as an opportunity to work together with the computer departments of schools (principally secondary schools), personal workshops with students, computer science instructors, and other instructors with programs not directly related to tech.

Objectives of ROCAM Schools

ROCAM Schools seeks to meet several needs in Cameroon schools, Computer departments of schools, and Cameroon students. Some of these objectives are;

  1. To Inspire students to engage in tech-related fields. In Cameroon schools, science students are more theoretical than practical. This project will inspire more science students and teach them how to incorporate the recent technological advancement in their studies.
  2. Encourage students engaged in fields other than science and teach them how to use technology in their studies as well. This will keep them updated on the recent and upcoming technologies as they prepare for their future careers.
  3. Work hand in gloves with computer departments of schools as we engage the computer science students in more practical activities. This will inspire them to engage in problem-solving in their schools and communities.
  4. Encourage Teachers both science-related or not, to engage and use trending technologies in their academics and teaching environment. This will encourage more students to properly concentrate on the lessons taught.

Reasons Why You Should Participate


Rocam gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills or learn something new as an individual. For all those participating, they get to learn about new and trending technologies and tips on how to go about exploring them. As for applying to schools, they have the opportunity to improve on the manner in which computer science is taught in their institutions.


ROCAM Creates an avenue for computer science students to collaborate. This is done at the level of the schools involved. This makes it possible for knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation.

Make New Friends

ROCAM Schools will hold in several schools with the intention of gathering these schools together at the end of the academic year. Therefore, this will be a good opportunity for you to meet people and make new friends. This is an opportunity to network, share experience and improve on your skills as you see others working hard on their end-of-year projects.

ROCAM Schools Prices and Goodies

ROCAM is a sponsored project and as such, the organizers prepare prices for the highly effective students at the end of the project phase. It’s a tech-related program so prices will revolve around electronic gadgets, stickers, swags, and more. This will be an opportunity for you to win some.

Career Orientation

The end-of-year ceremony will feature tech talks from several tech innovators around Cameroon and this will be a great opportunity for you to be guided on your dream career.

This is a no-miss opportunity for you and your school. If you are not a student in one of the preselected schools but you will love to participate in the event, don’t hesitate to contact the Seven Dev Community for help and assistance.

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