About Yunwen


Yunwen Eric has over 3 years of experience in Web Development. Currently, Yunwen Eric is a Full-stack web and mobile developer and the community lead of the Seven Dev Community, working with 7GPS (Seven Global Procurement and services) as an intern, where he focuses on building high standard web and mobile applications to solve challenges faced by several of his Community, startups and leading companies. Yunwen Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry. Yunwen Eric is committed to sensitizing the youths within his Community, schools, and organization around him of the benefits of embracing technology and technology-driven solutions in their day to day life which will create awareness, help them combat social and political crises, violence, boost productivity in the industrial sector as well as encourage skills acquisition and bring forth self-improvements.

Our Mission

Inspire, Influence, and Innovate. The word will be a better place I lead as an example and show others how to become better

  • Inspire
  • Influence
  • innovate

Our Vision

I believe in a world where the youths are disciplined and responsible citizens, A world where youths live to create impact and show the right example. I have lived to understand that our leaders have failed in several ways, however, we can change the approach taken to develop, grow and inspire others

  • Leadership
  • IT/Technology
  • Music Education
  • Environmental Education